About Us

“So I have all these board games…… we should start a club….”

… And that’s pretty much how it started, no joke haha. A friend had contacted me back in November 2013 about some interest in board games and asked me what my thoughts were. I was happy to accept any offers at starting a club because I had been collecting board games myself since 2011. I had originally been gaming with a club in Toledo but it was just too far to drive consistently every week. So out of my house, we formed BSG (formally known as Whitehouse Table Top Gamers). We have had plenty of games played, our collection has grown extensively with each new member, we enjoy the conversations and new people that come out to play on a weekly basis. We can’t wait to see whats in store for the club down the road. ~Anthony Kniss – Founder of BSG

BSG Membership Details

Membership to BSG works on a few levels:

RPG (Role Playing Game) Only – Guest Passes** – ask a club officer about any openings in our RPG groups

Basic Membership – $100 for 1st year, $125 at renewal

Partner Membership – $225 per year

Keyholder – additional $50 to any account, must be approved by officers & account must be a member for at least 1 year

**Guest Passes: 2 days Guest Passes – $5 ; 8 days Guest Passes – $10 – Guest passes can be used any day the club is open. They are restricted to only game play.

All memberships can be paid through installment but must be approved with club treasurer.

All membership accounts include the primary holder and 1 named family member. 

additional family members on the account other than the 1st named member is an addition $50 per year/per named member.

The sole reasons for having a paid membership is to help keep our doors open. The space we rent is covered by our membership fee. We are a 501(c)(7) organization as well so all money generated by the club goes back into it as we also do not pay our staff, its all done through volunteer work.   

Monday – Thursday       CLOSED for RPG groups

Friday         By Posted Signup Only

Saturday – Sunday        1PM – 5PM (sometimes later depending on when games wrap up)

BSG Leadership & Officer information (as of election results from May 2020 for 20/21 calendar year)

Club President – Anthony K

Vice President – Matt G

Secretary/Treasurer – Natalie K

Event Coordinator – Kyle S

Public Relations – Matt V

Board Members (by appointment) – Mike P, Josh S, Aimee G, Damon S

If you would like any more details on the membership or getting involved with the club, please use our Contact us page and let us know how you would like to help.