Holiday Cookie Sale

Every year, the club officers get together to bake cookies to help raise money to help keep the club open. Since Covid2020, we have moved from the “pick your own” style of box making to the now assorted premade half-pound boxes. Below are buttons to purchase either 1 or 2 boxes of cookies while supplies last which will direct you to our PayPal page to either login with your own account OR use the 2nd option to pay with Credit/Debit. Please note the totals include our online transaction fees. If you would like to pay CASH IN PERSON or you have any special requests or arrangement needs, we still need to know how many boxes to reserve for you and can be done by using the form below. If you would like to purchase more than 2, let us know and we’ll work on what the total should be via our donation button.



PICKUP DATE – DEC 16th & 17th between 1PM-5PM – Club location: 18 North 3rd St., Waterville OH 43566

Note that the club entrance is located BEHIND the building, the lower door, next to the wooden staircase

If you would like to pay cash or have a special need or arrangement, please use the button below ONLY if you have not used the buttons above

DISCLAIMER – By using any of the buttons above and completing the transaction, you are agreeing to the fees that apply with your order. You also agree that BSG is not responsible for reactions a person may have from the consumption of said baked goods. All product is baked up to 4 days prior of sale. Note that some cookies MAY CONTAIN NUTS.