Ticket to Ride Tournament

— NOTE that date has changed as of April 19th due to lack of participation —

**Black Swamp Gamers will be holding a Ticket to Ride Tournament SATURDAY, JUNE 22nd starting at 1PM.**

In order for this tournament to work, we MUST have 12 of 16 seats reserved with each participant providing a $10 donation by tournament start date. If all seats have not been reserved by then, adjustments to either prizes can be discussed with participants OR we would have to reschedule the date to allow for more time for possible participants to join.

Rules will be based out of the original Ticket to Ride Rulebook found here – https://ncdn0.daysofwonder.com/tickettoride/en/img/tt_rules_2015_en.pdf

There will be NO EXPANSIONS used per the Las Vegas “World Series of Board Gaming” guidelines found here. We will use as closely to these guidelines as possible MINUS the scoring section as we will be using the same win percentage as we did with our CATAN tournament – https://wsbgvegas.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/09/TICKET-TO-RIDE.pdf

Scoring will be determined in the following manner:

  • 4 Games will be played by all participants, each game with a MAX playtime of 1hr OR whoever hits 0, 1, or 2 trains left in their supply to activate the end of game condition.
  • Your total victory points at the end of each game will be added together to determine your win percenage. This is then applied for a grand total to determine who will play in the final championship round.
  • Top 4 will play in the final championship round. Additional prizes will be determined at a later date but as of 1/19/24, we anticipate that:
    • 2nd place – a gift of $25
    • 1st place – a gift of $45
    • All 4 championship round participants will recieve other misc BSG branded items as well for reaching the final table
    • DISCLAIMER – Note that BSG officers may be in attendance to participate in any club tournament. If there is, the officer will be ineligible to receive any prize money for themselves but the money will then be donated back to the club.

All participants will also recieve a mid-tournament snack in the form of pizza slices and a choice of beverage from our concessions fridge. Additional beverages are available from our club fridge for $1 per can. We will be filling seats in a first come, first served basis. In needed, we will also have a wait list if someone has to drop out last minute to then fill the reserved seat. Please continue to check your provided email addresses below as we will make FINALIZATIONS to the total seats filled and participants about 1 week prior to the tournament date. We will reach out to every directly with all further details.

REGISTRATION IS OPEN UNTIL JUNE 21st, Please use the form below to be added to the reservation list.


# of SeatsParticipate NameSeat Confirmed (payment received)
1John MNO
2Dan ONO
3Matt GNO
4Natalie KNO
5Kim ONO
6Lisa MNO
7Rick MNO
8Amy CNO
9Cliff CNO