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[Sticky] WEBSITE UPDATES – new navigation bar options

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Good Evening everyone! I have made a few changes to the website that I feel will be for the better in the longrun.

– I had heard many of complaints of the navigation being a little annoying and I think with the additions I have made with submenus, that should help with getting to where you want to go in less clicks. 

– I have also created a new NEW MEMBERSHIP page under the “About Us” section for new people looking for information as well as HOW to become a member. There is now an application there which ALSO leads users to the forum registration to allow for their account to be create so that the Acct Maintenance page will properly populate. 

– Lastly I also added a 1st Year NEW Membership payment button to both the New Membership page and the Acct Maintenance page. This was needed as using the donation button does only just that and shouldn’t be used to track membership account payments. That donation button also does not apply the correct transactions fees that the other buttons do so in a few cases, we had received a few dollars less for some accounts but that was our mistake and will absorb that cost error. 

I will also be looking into the “secure website” error that others have been experiencing when coming to this webpage that may look the attached photo. I hope to fix this soon. If ANYONE else experiences anything odd, please let me know 🙂 Thank you all for your patience as we work out the kinks on this new platform. See you at the tables and Happy Gaming!

~Anthony K, club president



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